Friday, December 30, 2005


When the Holidays Are Over

For four glorious weeks, I don't have to dust because all the surfaces are decorated. Once we get the tree, I only have to vacuum half the living room. You can't even see into the cobwebbed corners, so no need to get out the dust mop. Yep! Holiday decorating does an arthritic body good.

But, once the holidays are over, the decorations must come down. Oh, I can put it off as long as possible. Usually by January 1st, I'm pretty tired of looking at snow people (or are they dust people by that point?) Then out comes the many boxes and bins. It's really a task to put it all away. Disassembling the tree is the most difficult part. Climbing up and down the step ladder really is painful for my arthritic feet. I try to do it in parts. 5 ornaments here and there, until they are all off. I do eventually get it all done.

Once everything is packed away, I usually gasp. Did the dust really get that thick? And, what's that new creature living over the television stand? When it gets that bad, I know it's time to start cleaning again. As much as I hate house work, even I can only go so long! If I can write my name in the coffee table, then it's probably been too long.

While I may dread all the work that goes into the holidays, I count my blessings. From Thanksgiving to New Years, I can blissfully forget about cleaning and no one will say one word about it! Now that it's all over, it's back to dusting again.

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