Sunday, April 23, 2006


Drug Prices are Killing Me!

I normally order my medication from an online source. It's much cheaper than using local pharmacies especially since my insurance company refuses to cover my medication. Evidentally, since NSAIDS are available over the counter, my mobic prescription is deemed medically unnecessary.

I usually don't have any problems ordering my prescriptions from this drug store chain. However, this time, my order got lost somewhere at the local post office. Even though I had planned for the possible delay, I found myself with one pill and no refill on hand.

I was able to have a refill sent to one of their local stores. I was sure in for a shock when I went to pay the pharmacist. While mobic cost me $90 online, the local pharmacy wanted $125!!! Talk about sticker shock! Good thing I had a credit card!

I really cannot believe the price difference. What's going on with these companies? How can the same retail chain charge one price online and over $30 more for the same amount of pills at their local store? Seems pretty ridiculous to me! I don't live in Siberia, so it isn't as if they have to add in the cost of shipping to some store in the middle of nowhere.

They really have us, don't they? My insurance company won't pay because they cannot see why I need a more powerful NSAID than what is sold over the counter. The local store charges me an exorbitant price which they know I must pay because I have nowhere else to go. Mobic is too new for a generic brand to be on the market. There really is no way for the chronically ill to get ahead!

After all this, my mail order pills showed up. 7 days now I've got two months in the cabinet and twice as many charges on my credit card.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So Incredibly Tired

You're probably all wondering what the heck happened to me. After Sierra's 30 day recovery from surgery, I had to go on a little recovery period of my own. Frankly, I have been too pooped to blog!

Under normal circumstances, I would not have been able to live on 3-4 hours sleep for several days in a row. I wouldn't have been able to hold up a 70 lb dog. I would not have been able to keep up with the medication, hot and cold compresses, and the constant comforting that Sierra needed.

I am often amazed how I find the energy and strength to get things done that are beyond my ability. I can say that in this case, Sierra was my motivation. How could I whine about how difficult my task was when she had woken up after surgery and found herself one leg short? How could I complain about my swollen fingers when ever step Sierra took was painful? How could I cringe at having to put compresses on Sierra's incision when she was having to learn how to walk all over again? My challenges were small in comparison to hers!

Somewhere deep inside, I was able to put myself aside and deal with her. Her ability to live a happy, comfortable life depended on me. I had my instructions and I had to follow them. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

When the 14 day period was up, Sierra had her stitches removed. I was sure relieved when the Vet phoned and said "we'd" done a wonderful job. Sierra had healed beautiful and could start getting back to her normal life. She had another two week healing cycle and then she was on her own.

Now that the 30 days have passed I've found myself letting out a heavy sigh. I was so worried she would get hurt or I'd do something wrong. I know that I am not much of a nurse and having to do this put me through some stuff I would have rather not done. I made it--and so did Sierra. But, now that it's over, I find I've got no energy left for anything. The fatigue that normally plagues me seems twice as heavy. It seems like my body wants to give me all the discomfort it withheld for 4 weeks. So, I have to listen and take things slow. I'm not the healthiest to begin with. I've been able to stick to Sierra's program. Now it's time for a little down time so I can rebuild my own strength.

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