Sunday, January 01, 2006


I Gave Up Housework Last Year

More reflections on this year...

As chronic disease can do, I felt exhausted the first part of this year. Fatigue plagued me daily. I fell asleep while reading. I couldn't keep up with my daily routine.

All my chores were falling behind. Between the fatigue and the lack of mobility, I wasn't getting anywhere. I began to feel like I would never get ahead on my growing "to do" list. I was very frustrated and irritated. Simple things like "clean out old bowl lids" were impossible unless I got a burst of PMS energy. I had to admit to myself that I could no longer keep up.

I began looking at house cleaning services, but they were very expensive. My Mom who was retiring about that time made me an offer. She'd keep the house is shape and charge me half as much as the Pros.

It's turned out a sweet deal. Since I can't physically do it anymore, I don't have to live in filth. My Mom loves cleaning (and I mean, she LOVES cleaning) and she needs a little spending money. So, it works out well for all.

It is a bit difficult admitting that I can do something even when it's something I hate to do like house work. I am more than happy to watch someone else do it. Some things are easier to give uip than others. Still it's one more thing I have to put in the "can't do" column.

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