Saturday, January 14, 2006


Just in the Nick of Time

Phew! That was close. It was pouring all night. I saw a break in the storm and took Sierra for her walk. Just as we hit the walkway it began to drizzle. By the time we were in the door, it was storming.

Sierra drives me nuts when we don't go for walks. She gets stir crazy (and I do too!). She begins looking for entertainment and turns to stealing. A glove here, sunglasses there. Our own cleptomaniac.

These walks are as important to me as they are to her. Even with my sore feet, I've found walking to be the best kind of exercise. It gets all the parts moving and it's refreshing. You go outside and see something besides the white walls of the living room and the same old carpet.

I don't think I'd melt in the rain, but I do get out less. I worry about falling on the slippery cement or getting soaked and coming down with something. So, I sneak out when I can. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Just enough to breath some fresh air and remember that the world is still around. Then I can come back inside and wipe the marks off the windows from the last time I stood waiting for the rain to break.

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