Thursday, February 09, 2006 Will Be Back

I had one of those doy moments helped along by a mind and body under siege from chronic disease. That's a complicated way of saying "Ooops! I forgot".

I knew that had to be renewed. It's been on my mind for weeks. So, what do I do? I log in to renew it and realize I had the wrong date in my head! It had expired that same day.

I hate it when I do dumb stuff like this--especially when I KNEW!!! ugh! I think sometimes there are about 1000 things going on in my head, all of them needing to be done, and not one of them near completion. Then I have to worry about the world, my nieces and nephew, did I remember to tape the Daily Show?, did I make anything to eat for dinner?...well, you know the ritual.

My apologies to anyone who has been looking for the website. It's been renewed and it will be back online as soon as the DNS and the internet catches up to it.

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