Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Spring At Last?

I know that Mother Nature is tricking us. It's way too early for spring time. But, boy, have we been having some glorious weather!!! It was 70F today. Not bad for the middle of February.

This sudden change in weather has by body in a tizzy. It doesn't know if it's supposed to have winter joints or spring joints. I wonder if others have this same problem when the seasons change. It seems my body is going through some sort of adjustment. So, instead of feeling good because it's warm outside, I feel out of sorts.

Sometime around April I'll suddenly realize that my joints haven't been as rusty and my flu like symptoms have settled down. And, then I'm off on 3 to 4 months of feeling good.

It sure does lift your spirits to feel the warmth of the sun. I'll have to be patient though. I know that this is just a little tease. We're sure to have more rain and fog lurking around the corner.

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